Tutta la Famiglia

  • Artist Statement

    Tutta la Famiglia: Portrait of a Sicilian Caffe in America

    This body of work began in 2007. Its evolution has been “organic.” No preconceptions. No plan. My only conscious objective was to teach myself how to use a digital camera after shooting film for 30+ years. I figured that the activity and the people at Caffe Sicilia would provide a good learning situation. (This is the same way I taught myself to use a camera in the first place – walking the streets of Boston and then in the shops and on the streets of the Inman Square neighborhood of Cambridge, MA where I lived.)

    I didn’t get it at the beginning: that the Caffe was the center of such a rich collection of personality, culture and vita and that I would become so completely immersed.

    For the next 6 years, 5 mornings a week (and many afternoons), during conversations on every imaginable subject, over hundreds of cups of cappucini and macchiati, always with my camera in hand, we became part of each others lives. As our mutual affection, respect and friendship have developed and deepened so too have the photographs.

    These are personal and intimate images, but they are as much about my Sicilian/American neighbors and their culture as they are about the city of Gloucester, the American experiment in the 21st century, and the power of photography to reveal the universality of human experience

Caffe Sicilia