• Artist Statement


    I don’t know why I’m driven to make art. I have been since childhood. Perhaps it’s an effort to understand, contend with, push back at and counter-weigh all the sorrow and fury of life. Maybe it’s just for the love of it, or for the love others give to me on account of it. Most likely it’s because of all of these reasons – and more.

    I do know that for me the process of making art is about finding balance and optimal tension; it’s the exhilaration that comes with discovering, experiencing and expressing beauty.

    In this body of work titled, Études, the beauty is found, (as always), in the dialogue between light and shadow, in the textures, colors and compositions. Particular to this portfolio the beauty lies in the surfaces of old bottles, broken eggs, a broken egg cup and a faded photograph.

Étude number 4